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Washable Stiff Garments.


Thanks to modern technology, stiff collar wearers are now able to have their favourite garments made in a washable form. Your garments will be crisp and stiff and will stay in form wash after wash. RJW Shirts is the only business in the world to offer these truly stiff and ridgid Washable Stiff Garments. 


RJW Shirts offers a multitude of washable stiff garments from collars to detachable bibs to cuffs and bib shirts. All of these garments can be hand or machine washed without the hassle of sending them back to a starching laundry each time.


1. They can be made in almost any good quality fabric - Cotton, Linen, Silk, Satin, Hemp, etc.

2. They don't have to be white - They can be any colour, stripe, check, etc. You can even have washable stiff collars and cuffs made in the matching fabric of your tunic shirt.

3. They are stiffer than traditionally starched garments.

4. They will not change shape or wilt when they get wet...Not even when they are under water - sweat, rain, washing, swimming, etc won't effect their stiffness or shape.

5. They are washed right at home - No more hit-and-miss starching jobs. No more expensive back and forth postage costs.





Collars & Cuffs: 
For optimum care, hand washing is best. Hand washing will certainly make your garments last longer. If washing by machine, "Hand Wash" or "Delicates" options are recommended - Spin cycle is unnecessary. If washing by hand, use a soft cloth to rub suitabale detergent into the high grime areas before washing. After the  detergent bath, dip garments several times in fresh, un-soapy water to rinse out soap suds. Never Dry Clean. Never use heavy solvents.

Bib Shirts, Detachable Bibs, Dickeys & Bosoms: RJW Shirts recommends hand washing only. Although some customers have had success machine washing these garments, machine washing causes much more stress on the garment. When washing by hand, use a soft cloth to rub suitable detergent into the high grime areas, arm pits of sleeves, sleeve cuffs and neck before washing. After the detergent bath, dip garments several times in fresh, un-soapy water to rinse out soap suds. Never Dry Clean. Never use heavy solvents on the stiffened sections of the garment.

2. Do not iron or tumble dry stiff sections. After washing is complete, place the garment on a dry towel on a flat surface in an area that is well ventilated. It is suggested you allow the garment to sit until completely dry. Shirts and bib borders that are just soft plain cotton may be ironed just like any other garment. However, avoid getting your iron on any stiffened sections of the garment. 


3. Avoid strong heat. If cared for properly, your garments won't bend out of shape - but in the event they come in contact with a hot wash or iron they will soften. This is a blessing however. A warm iron, without steam, and some attention to care will soften the garment enough to mold it back into place.  Once back into the required shape, rest the garment in way that maintains it's shape integrity - once the garment has completely cooled it will set hard as a rock. 

4. Do not subject any Washable Stiff Garments to excessive bending, twisting or pressure. Just like traditionally starched garments, Washable Stiff Garments are quite flexible. But lengthy or excessive pressure can warp the shape of garments. Large garments like detachable bibs and attached bib front shirts are best to be hand washed due to the centrifugal pressure of the "spin cycle" of washing machines. If the spin cycle can be omitted with a machine wash this is best practice. 

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