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Ordering Detachable Collars





RJW Shirts has recently updated the way collars are sized. Existing

customers are welcome to read further down the page or contact us

for more information.

Collar sizes now indicate the finished measurement of the collar from

centre-front to centre-front. That is to say, if you order a Size: 16" you

will receive a collar that measures 16" when finished.











How Should You Choose Your Correct Collar Size?

The first thing to do is know your physical body neck measurement. This can be done by taking a tape measure and wrapping it around your neck at the level the base of a collar usually sits. The tape measure ought to be applied directly and closely to the skin without any slacking or easing in the tape. A good rule of thumb: Measure Twice, Cut Once.






















Secondly, choose your desired size. Please use the following information as a guide only. Most experienced collar wearers will already know what size they want. Customers new to detachable collars are urged to start with sizes that are looser rather than tighter. You can always adjust your size later in subsequent orders. Size choices are entirely the responsibility of the customer. However, here are our recommendations for various collars:


Winged/Stand Collars (non-turndown collars) - Add 3/4"-1" to your neck measurement. i.e. your neck measures 16", you order a collar sized 16.5"-17". Adding just 3/4" to your Stand Collar with make for a nice close fitting collar which is often a desired fit for these collars.

Lower Height Turndown Collars - Add anywhere between 1"-1.5" to your neck measurement. i.e. Adding 1/2" to your neck measurement will make the collar fit extremely closely. Adding 1.5" to your neck measurement will make for a safe, looser fitting collar with plenty of breathing space.

Higher Height Turndown Collars - RJW Shirts offers the worlds tallest and stiffest collars. These collars are very rewarding to wear, but can be a challenge to apply to your tunic shirt. We recommend a size that is 1"-1.5" bigger than your neck measurement.




A Note To Pre-existing Customers
RJW Shirts has recently changed the way collars are sized. We take great care to keep notes from previous orders for individual customers. If you continue to order more collars from us, the physical size will be the same as your previous orders (unless otherwise requested), but the size stamp on your collar will change.
Please read the information below. If you have any questions please send an email for further clarification.
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