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How To Order From This Website


The first thing you will notice is that some garments like shirts appear to be listed on this website 3 times - Actually, some shirt designs are listed 3 times for the purposes of offering you a large range of fabrics - I.E. Checked, Stripes or Plain fabrics.


Secondly, you will note that some shirt garments do not offer you an option of selecting a SIZE. This is because RJW Shirts is a made-to-measure only website. We do not keep any stock on shelves - everything is made upon ordering. Therefore, we ask you to send your own personal measurement to us via email. Once we have recieved those measurement, we will talk with you further until we are satisfied both you, the customer, and we, the maker, are completely on the same page before we cut your garments. This minimises the risk of ill fitting garments provided to you.


For information on how to order shirts please CLICK HERE


For information on how to order collars please CLICK HERE







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