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Ordering Made-To-Measure Shirts


1.  Select a shirt design from the store icons.


2. Select your preferred fabric and cuff style.


3. Email us your personal body measurements (see below) and fabric choices.



RJW Shirts offers a complete Bespoke/Made-To-Measure experience for men. Therefore, I urge all customers to take the time to gather some vital measurements from their own bodies. Once you have provided your measurements to us, we will keep them on file for future orders. You are also welcome to send photographs of yourself (optional) -  frontal and side on photographs will help me understand your satorial needs better.


Preferred measurements to make a well fitting shirt are:


Neck - around the neck where the base of a collar usually sits.

Chest - around the chest at approx nipple height - arms relaxed down at the sides.

Waist - around the waist at the natural (fullest) waist area- arms and stomach relaxed.

Hips - Around the hips at the fullest buttocks point.

Sleeve length - Centre back of neck, over shoulder then down to the desired finish length at the wrist.

Wrist - around the wrist over the wrist bone.




A flexible tape measure ought to be applied as close to the skin as possible without any slacking or ease in the tape whatsoever. Try measuring a couple of times - Measure twice, cut once! 


Although all care is taken by us to make your garments, we can take no responsibility for ill fitting garments made from the measurements sent to us. 

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