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Cuffs - Attached and Detachable



RJW Shirts offers a range of different cuff finishes for shirts. I encourage all my

customers to try detachable cuffs - there simply is no better cuff on the planet!


Cuffs styles are usually categorised into three styles:  Double cuffs, Single Barrel

cuffs and Detachable cuffs.

In terms of choosing your size - RJW Shirts recommends ordering a size that is 2"-2.5" on top of your physical wrist measurement. e.g. wrist measures 7" + 2"-2.5" = Size: 9" or 9.5".

cuff measuring.jpg

All our cuffs come in "Squared" or "Rounded" as shown here:

Double Cuffs

Double Cuffs are folded back cuffs that require a pair of Cufflinks to hold them together. These cuffs are sewn onto the sleeves.

Squared Double cuffs - 2.75"

Rounded Double cuffs - 2.75"

Single Barrel Cuffs

Single Barrel Cuffs are single layered cuffs that simply wrap around the wrist. Single Barrel cuffs are fastened with buttons. These cuffs are sewn onto the sleeves.

Single Barrel Cuff - 3.5" - Double Button

Single Barrel Cuffs - 2.75" - Sqaured or Rounded - Single Button

Detachable Cuffs

In the world of shirt making, there is no better cuff than a detachable one. The benefits of wearing these cuffs far out weighs the minor cost of this feature. All RJW Shirts detachable cuffs are easily attached to the sleeve with a single pair of cufflinks. 


One benefit is that once the cuffs inevitably become soiled and thread bare, the shirt will live on simply by replacing the cuffs. Another excellent benefit of detachable cuffs is that you can interchange cuffs - you may wish for a pair of cuffs in the same fabric of your shirt but also order a second pair in plain white as a contrast. You can also swap between Single detachable cuffs and Double detachable cuffs on the same shirt. And should you wish for a stiffer set of cuffs, simply wash and treat your cuffs in your chosen starching product without having to soak the entire shirt. 

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