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Washable Tyfold Collar 2.25"

This collar is machine and hand washable. The garment will maintain its integrity and stiffness even after many washes. Please refer to the Washable Stiff Garments page on this website.

The Washable Tyfold Collar is an exclusive design by RJW Shirts. This collar comes from the vintage range of Cluett, Peabody & Co Inc - the mega collar company of Troy, New York.  Designed in 1902, the Tyfold was released on the American Market in early 1903. The Tyfold design employs the unqie feature of a small cut out at the front for the knot of a bowtie or necktie to sit over. As moderm neckties are quite thick and bulky - it is recommended to use the thinner vintage type neckties or bowties with this collar. The Tyfold measures 2.25" at the centre-back. It sports 1 collar stud hole at the centre-front and 1 stud hole at the centre-back. The left-side of the collar has a Lock Front feature (collar stand extension). This collar is made with Plain White Cotton - but other fabrics are available.

Different cotton fabrics are available for all washable collars - please view our Fabrics page for more information and contact us via email for further help:

* Stud and bowtie not included

Washable Tyfold Collar 2.25"

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