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Washable Stiff Barrister Jabot Full Set

RJW Shirts Washable Stiff Garments retain their stiffness over many washes and never need to be starched. For more information please visit my Washable Stiff Garment page.


This Jabot Full set is a convenient way to prepare for court. With the collar, bands and bib all stitched together, this set is quick and easy to attach right over the top of your business shirt. The bib is double layered, ensuring even the brightest shirt cannot be seen through it. With quick and easy velco at the centre-back, you'll have little trouble loosening the collar on those hot sweaty days.


Back collar height: 1 7/8"

Bib length (from the base of front neck: 13"

Bib width: 11"



Washable Stiff Barrister Jabot Full Set

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