These detachable cuffs are machine and hand washable. The garments will maintain their integrity and stiffness even after many washes. Please refer to the Washable Stiff Garments Page on this website.

Detachable Single Barrel Curled Cuffs are 3.5" in width and are heavily starched. These cuffs are designed to curl around the wrist rather than meeting with the U shaped "kissing" form. It is recommended that wearers use a short-shank collar stud on each sleeve and cuff to attach these cuffs to the shirt.

Size = WRIST measurement + 2"-2.5" ease. Round up or down to the nearest half inch as required.


e.g. If your wrist measures 7" you will order a SIZE: 9" or 9.5"


*cufflink not included

Washable Detachable Single Barrel Curled Cuffs

Size - Wrist + 2"-2.5"
Desired Fabric

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