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Washable Stiff Bowler Collar 2.25"

This collar is machine and hand washable. The garment will maintain its integrity and stiffness even after many washes. Please refer to the Washable Stiff Garments page on this website.

This vintage collar is offered exclusively by RJW Shirts. The Bowler collar measures 2.25" at the centre-back and 2.75" at the peak of the front. It sports 1 collar stud hole at the centre-front as well as the centre-back. This collar is made with Plain White Cotton,Pique White Cotton or 100% Pure White Linen.

Different cotton fabrics are available for all washable collars - please view our Fabrics page for more information and contact us via email for further help:

Washable Stiff Bowler Collar 2.25"

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