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Plain Sarum Cassock - FROMAU$710

Fully customisable with all add-on features available. RJW Shirts Cassocks are Made-To-Measure using customer's own body measurements. Fabric sample requests, enquiries and measurements to be sent to:


Image depicts Basic Sarum Cassock. Tonsure under collar not included.

Available in the following fabrics. Both suitable for warmer climates -  Please choose:


* Light-Weight Wool Blend - perfect for warmer environments or those prone to overheating/sweating AU$710.00
* Medium-Weight Wool Blend - a robust wool, but not overwhelmingly heavy AU$850.00

H.R.H Australian Marino Wool Super 120 - a Super 120's pure wool commisioned by King Charles himself. Australian Marino wool weaved in the United Kingdon. Light weight and perfect for the Australian Climate. FIT FOR A KING! AU$1,215


Basic Sarum Cassock Features:
* Double Breasted

* 2 x Shoulder buttons. 1 x Academic centre-front button
* Carefully tailored to Customer measurements
* Unlined

* 3" Centre-Front collar gap
* Slits in side pleats for access through to trousers
* 3 Pleats
* Plain sleeves (no cuffs)
* Anti-tear grograin on hem included

Optional extras are available upon request and include - please enquire for pricing:
- Functional hip pockets with thru to trouser access
- Lined Cuffs for sleeves
- Matching fabric Cape - elbow length. Attached or detachable
- Full Lining - down to waist and including sleeves



Plain Sarum Cassock - FROMAU$710

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