Stiff Bib Board Shirt

This shirt is a Made-To-Measure garment. Please see my Ordering Shirts page for details on required measurements.


RJW Shirts introduces the "Stiff Bib Front Shirt". Stiff bib boards began to be attached to shirts from 1848 up until the current day. The rear closure feature of this shirt dates back well before 1800 and faded out approximately around the 1960s in the USA. This particular shirt features a horizontally striped Washable Stiff Bib Board w/ trouser tab, Washable Stiff Single Barrel attached Cuffs and a Vest Loop. The bodice is plain white cotton and it has a rear closure with 3 buttons. The Stiff Bib Board Measures 13 3/4" long and 9" wide at the thickest part. Cuffs are 3.5" wide and only require a set of cufflinks to fasten. Replicated after an original vintage rear closure shirt, this is a long, extra-roomy shirt in the vintage style. RJW Shirts Washable Stiff Garments are as stiff as traditionally starched garments but do not require any professional laundry work at all - they can be washed right at home!


The Stiff Board and Stiff Cuffs are available in 3 different fabrics:


1. Black & Navy Stripe Cotton (featured)

2. Multi Coloured Stripe Cotton

3. White Self Stripe Cotton


Please choose.


**Collar studs, shirt studs and cufflinks not included. 



Stiff Bib Board Shirt