Washable Rondine Collar - 1.75"   *Rear Closure*

This collar is machine and hand washable. The garment will maintain its integrity and stiffness even after many washes. Please refer to the Washable Stiff Garments page on this website.


*THIS COLLAR HAS A REAR CLOSURE* The opening for this dynamic collar is at the centre-back of the collar - while the centre-front of the collar is a smooth, uninterrupted continuous palette of perfect collar-stand. Switch your long stud to the back for this collar.

The Rondine stands 1 3/4" at centre-back and sports delicious 3 1/2" points at the front. It sports 1 studhole at the centre-front and the same again at the centre-back.

This collar has been inspired by the collars of the early 20th Century.

Different fabrics are available for all washable collars - please view our Fabrics page for more information and contact us via email for further help: rjwshirts@hotmail.com

*Stud, shirt and tie not included.

Washable Rondine Collar - 1.75" *Rear Closure*


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