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Neo Short Sleeve Shirt
The Neo Short Sleeve shirt is made with the ultra-modern 1.75" Neo collar. This shirt has 8" short sleeves with a 1" cuffs at the sleeve hem.

You have option of having your collar made in the same fabric as your selected fabric or as a contrasting White Cotton collar - please chose fabric and, if you desire, contrasting white collar in the options.

All RJW Shirts are Made-To-Measure and no stock is kept on the shelf at all. Please email us with your own personal measurements or chose a size from the sizing chart on our "Sizings" page. Email us your measurements @

*Necktie is not included.

Neo Short Sleeve Shirt

  • Please select CUFFS & FABRIC Please email all sizings, measurements and any shirt variation requests to us at: * Tie, Cufflinks, Tie Pin not included.
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