This collar is soft.

The "Nassau Buttonlink" Collar is an exclusive design by RJW Shirts. This collar comes from the vintage range of Cluett, Peabody & Co. Inc., - the mega collar company of Troy, New York.  The Nassau was released on to the American market in 1911 under the Arrow brand (original collar in pictures).  It measures 2 1/8" at the centre-back. It sports 1 set of collar stud holes at the centre-front , 1 stud hole at the centre-back, 1 security button on the left-side lockfront extension and comes complete with the buttonlink which features 2 buttons on a tape. This collar is offered in genuine vintage Peau de Soie corded cream coloured fabric with Silk Damask lining (featured) or Plain White Cotton.


Peau de Soie Collar - AU$62.50

Plain White Cotton Collar - AU$45.00

* Collar stud not included

Nassau Buttonlink Collar - 2 1/8" - From $45.00 - Two Different Fabrics


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