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Lady's Washable Stiff "Rosemary" Chemisette - From $139.50

This detachable Chemisette is machine and hand washable. RJW Shirts suggests hand washing as the ultimate care. The garment will maintain its integrity and stiffness even after many washes. Please refer to the Washable Stiff Garments page on this website.

The Washable Stiff "Rosemary" Chemisette is a Victorian era Vintage inspired stiff single-piece board designed to sit over a lady's shirt/chemise as a stand-alone decorative front in casual or formal settings. The shaping of this Chemisette specifically allows the board to pass closely over the decollete without creating unsightly gaping on the flanks of the board. Features include mock fly-front opening, rear opening neck, front neck band stud hole, 12" in Length, 8.5" at the widest point, 2 centre-front shirt stud holes, pin tab on the lower edge to attach to the garment under it and a rear facing.


This Chemisette is made to your desired neck size. The size you chose for your purchase will be the FINISHED neck size of the actual Chemisette you receive.


Default Fabric is 100% Plain White Cotton - AU$139.50

100% Pure White Irish Linen - AU$154.00

RJW Shirts is a bespoke personalised service. A small collection of other fabrics may be available - please email in advance if you wish to discuss fabrics beyond the selection above:

* Collar studs and shirt studs not included and are for photographic purposes only. You may chose any collar/shirt studs you please.

Lady's Washable Stiff "Rosemary" Chemisette - From $139.50

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