The Full Dress Protector is a luxurious addition to every gentleman's wardrobe. Worn for both formal and informal settings, the Full Dress Protector is a garment engrained in Vintage providence from the mid 1800's to approx 1920. A thorough understanding of this garment may be found on our Blog HERE


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The Shawl Style Full Dress Protector is the earliest version of it's type. It was well in use around the mid 1800's. Luxurious Black Satin Silk outer. Well padded White Silk Quilt Padded lining with wool batting inner. 4" height at the back with a shaped neck to cover the bowtie area of the Collar. 54" Long. Ends are 7 3/4" Wide

Black Satin Silk Shawl Style Padded Full Dress Protector


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